Eine weltweite Gemeinschaft von 349 Kirchen auf der Suche nach Einheit in gemeinsamem Zeugnis und christlichem Dienst

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Indian campaigners call on government as negotiations enter final phase


The National Council of Churches in India sent an open letter to the minister in charge yesterday calling on the Government of India to take a pro-human position and agree to control arms trade.[mehr]

Christian leaders say Arms Trade Treaty must regulate ammunition


Religious leaders representing organizations of some 90 percent of the world’s two billion Christians have issued a joint appeal to the 194 governments currently negotiating the first global Arms Trade Treaty: Keep ammunition in...

British Minister calls for a tough new Arms Trade Treaty


British Minister, Alan Duncan, calls for a tough new Arms Trade Treaty.

Addressing Indian Dilemmas on the Arms Trade Treaty


India and the Arms Trade Treaty: how to face regional dilemmas on security and responsible weapons transfers? Read on the Defense professionals website.

The Devil is in the Detail: The importance of comprehensive and legally binding criteria for arms transfers


According to new figures, more than $2.2 billion worth of arms and ammunition have been imported since 2000 by countries operating under arms embargoes. The figures show the extent to which states have been flagrantly flouting...

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