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Join WCC Central Committee member Archbishop Anders Wejryd of the Church of Sweden, Nobel laureate Desmond Tutu and many others in supporting the interfaith declaration for an international Arms Trade Treaty.

  1. Read and disseminate the declaration. It is available in Arabic, English, French, Portuguese and Spanish at www.controlarms.org/interfaith. A German translation has been contributed by Brot für die Welt.

  2. Sign on to the declaration or invite the leader of your church, a faith based or inter-religious organization to sign it.

ATT Brochure Cover
  1. Download the brochure: The Human Scope of an Arms Trade Treaty (pdf, 850 KB)

  2. Read the compelling narratives, and share them with others.

  3. Add your story and picture - send us an email.

New: The  brochure has been updated and is now available in German, French, Spanish and Swedish, as well!

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Pax Christi International is joining the global campaign with a new Package Paper on the Arms Trade Treaty. The main focus of the paper is a faith and ethics based analysis of arms trade. The paper gives an overview of civil society recommendations for a strong and robust Arms Trade Treaty. A letter concern, which is tailored to government representatives and decision-makers, is included in the paper. Lastly, inside you will find edited pastoral and liturgical suggestions for the religious services during the week-end of the 17th of June 2012.

  1. Download the paper: Swallowing the Bullet (pdf, 390 KB)

  2. Read the ethical position and other resources, and share them with others.

  3. Act using the suggestions throughout!